Welcome to the Homepage of the SKS (The Finnish Church in Switzerland)!

The SKS is an unregistered religious community and is based on volunteer work. We consist of eight congregations located across Switzerland. You can find the contact details of the local parish councils here.


The SKS organizes church services, church family celebrations and other church activities for Finns and their families throughout Switzerland.


For example, the Finnish pastor will travel to your place of residence to conduct a christening ceremony, a wedding- or a funeral service on request or to provide support in various life situations. The contact details of the pastor can be found here.

Our events are mainly in Finnish, but if necessary we also use other languages, i.e. in connection with church family celebrations. In addition to the Finnish language, the Finnish pastor also has excellent language skills in German, English and Swedish as well as little knowledge of French.

The SKS is part of the foreign work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and a guest member of BELK (Association of Protestant-Lutheran Churches in Switzerland). We also work closely with local sister churches, various Finnish organizations and the Finnish Embassy. In case of a crisis, you can also receive advice and help from the Finnish Embassy in Bern.